"I have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions together and you have helped me tremendously during this difficult time. From the moment I met you, I instantly felt comfortable and could tell you anything. You have taught me valuable lessons and I feel things are moving in the right direction."

"Isa's class has had a profound impact on me. Her experiential teaching style, high expectations of her students, and confidence in us as practitioners made for a supportive and challenging learning environment. I left with a deeper understanding of healing, and my role as a healing arts practitioner."

"I have worked with many teachers over a long life and career in the healing profession. This is the first time I encountered a teacher, a being, who is completely aligned and integrated with her teachings. I felt taught on multiple levels simultaneously — certainly intellectually, for she is a font of knowledge and experience, but also in how she modeled the essence of the material in her precision, discipline, power, passion and love. Personally, it was paradoxically the most transparent and yet safe I think I have ever felt in such a context, and perhaps in any context. I will have to ponder that, along with my wonderment and gratitude."

"I am so so so grateful to you and your teachings. They are invaluable. I feel so grateful that I found this community in this life time. I very much appreciate all that you do. I have learned so much from you and am looking forward to continued learning. I am expanding in ways I didn't know were possible and it is all due to you and the teachings."

"Thank you for yesterday. It was liberating on many levels. Thank you for doing the work."

"I have always known how fortunate I was to discover you as a teacher and felt a tremendous sense of gratitude. But it just hit me how long and hard I have been searching and how deeply gratifying it is to finally be able to rest, in peace and contentment, knowing that I am receiving the spiritual nurturance and nourishment I have been yearning for all along."

"Thank you so much. All that deep sadness I've been feeling lately , deep depression, is all about the past clearing out. I wanted to just take a second to thank you so much, from the bottom of my great big heart for your help."

"I really hope you can feel and receive the great depth of gratitude I have for sharing this amazing life changing journey and gifts. with me and all of us. I can't even put into words all of the emotions I feel. Thank you seems so not enough for all you have given, but it is all that I know."

"Thank you so much for all your loving support and immense light and love."

"As a teacher Isa Gucciardi lays the groundwork in a way that is profound. I always experience major shifts in consciousness in her classes. It is her keen ability to ground and teach these processes that allows me to navigate these shifts in an environment that is held and supportive."

"You are a wonderful teacher. I feel very blessed and grateful."

"Thank you! I am enormously grateful for all the opportunities you provide for me to learn."

"I am so deeply grateful for you and the work that you offer, Isa. It could have been done with no one else but you. It is an honor, a privilege and such a gift to work with you."

"Thanks for helping on my path and sharing these incredible teachings!"

"Thanks again, Isa for your help. You are a wonderful teacher and person. It will be great to be with you again."

"I just want to thank you and tell you how much your love, support, caring, (pushing) and wisdom have meant to me. Thank you so much. It really has been and continues to be an honor knowing you. I am so blessed to have you in my life."

"Thank you so much for helping me along my path to creating my whole new life. I appreciate you and your work so much."

"The work you have done and continue to do and offer, Isa, is sacred, powerful, necessary, and appreciated."

"I just want to acknowledge how much my life has been impacted, influenced and changed by the work with you over this past year. I have a profound gratitude for what you provide. And sensing there is so much more to learn, I have a deep yearning to experience it."

"There are few opportunities in life to experience such a profound teacher as Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D. Isa is a clear and organized instructor and shares her inspiring work with passion and deep wisdom. I feel so blessed to have this work in my life and invite others to explore it for themselves."

"Depth Hypnosis is a amazing process to go deeper into the self than you ever have before with compassion, gentleness and grace. It is an opportunity to engage on a clear and guided path of service to others as well as service to the self."

"Depth Hypnosis is a wonderful process, intricately and masterfully woven in order to allow the practitioner and client to both benefit."

"Isa presents the material in a well-planned step by step process that enabled me to understand and apply otherwise complicated information."

"I enthusiastically endorse Depth Hypnosis which has steadily changed the trajectory of my life."

"I have a huge amount of gratitude for the wisdom that you impart and the work."

"Thank you for putting together such a powerful course this past weekend. As usual, there is so much for me to process and digest. I'm so grateful for all the deep wisdom, thought and planning that went into the construction of this transformative vehicle."

"Thank you for your constant support and guidance as I try to move along this path toward a more expansive and wonderful experience of my life."

"The Depth Hypnosis Foundations course covers a great deal of material that eventually fits together and ultimately makes sense. At the start of class I imagined I could never manage the complexity of it all, but with time allowed for practice which served to help build confidence and with the context established by my reading of assigned texts, a coherent picture emerged. I know now that this work has helped me to grow, personally, and that it will continue helping me to grow in the years ahead. I am also confident that the skills I am now developing will bring me closer to helping others become stronger and healthier people."

"I just want you to know how grateful I am to you for the tools of Depth Hypnosis and your teachings, and constant support."

"Isa Gucciardi is a true Bodhisattva; her sincere wish to free all beings from suffering is evident in all that she does. Isa's dedication to helping every soul she can is both touching and inspiring. I am so grateful to have found Isa as my teacher. My personal and professional life has been enriched immeasurably. There is no ego behind Isa's work, no cult of personality, just an incredibly generous heart."

"I have wanted to tell you how much I really loved, appreciated and got from your "class." I put it in quotation marks as it is really so much more than a class. You hold your knowledge so innately and share it so purely and humbly. I think your style of mentoring and bringing new information and material and experiences to people is exciting, delightful, highly accessible and taps into the depths where I personally want to be in my life."

"Isa is very earnest and genuine in her efforts to communicate well the body of learning that she uses in her practice."

"Thank you so much, for the lovely articles and all the work you and the Sacred Stream do to help folks find their way back to themselves."

"It was a total eye-opening pleasure being in the circle with you and your astute leadership."

"My experience of the Depth Hypnosis Foundation Course was absolutely Phenomenal. It has elevated my curiosity to new levels I want to expand on and has encouraged my willingness to become more involved in serving people on this planet, which has also helped me to have to look at certain areas in my life that could use more discipline and focus, to better serve others. I would highly recommend this to others."

"Please tell Dr. Gucciardi that the last 2 teleclasses I experienced were very wonderful and interesting and reminded me of how much I miss being her student. I wanted to "ditto" what the last commentator said about thanking her for her work in this world... everything she is doing. It was so nice to have her voice in my kitchen. I want her to know how much I appreciated her giving of her time to do those teleclasses. She is a very clear and compassionate teacher."

"Yes, the work does speak to me (and the people I am working with)! It feels fairly infinite, actually, meaning that there is the sense of starting a journey as a counselor/healer that will continue to grow and deepen for many, many years, a journey that is an invitation and impetus for my continued growth and evolution as well."

"I have been in therapy for most of my life. I always worked hard on my issues, but I don't feel I have ever gotten to the depths I have gotten to with Depth Hypnosis."

"After years of traditional talk-style therapy my growth had come to a halt. Traditional therapy had been useful and productive but I had gotten to the point where using the tool of my mind (in conversation with a therapist) wasn't getting me to the next level. Using the techniques of Depth Hypnosis, Isa [Gucciardi] was able to bring back momentum to my personal journey. I began to resolve and heal unhealthy schemas in my psyche that in traditional talk therapy I could only describe, but not move past."

"I can't tell you how much the work we have done together has done for me. Your compassion and your insight have helped me so much. I have lost 50 pounds and there is more coming off every day. I had no idea how much emotional baggage I was carrying around in that weight. Thank you."

"Isa [Gucciardi] is as tough as nails and as compassionate as the light at the end of the tunnel. I laughed, I cried, I transformed. Her methodology is amazing; I saw major change after only three sessions. After ten sessions, I found I could do, think, and feel things I hadn't imagined would ever be possible for me. Now I'm in love with my life! If you really want to heal, work with Isa and it will happen."

"With Depth Hypnosis, I have been able to find my path again. I had not realized why I was so far away from myself and Isa [Gucciardi] has helped me find out what it was that was driving me away from myself and my path. I am really grateful for this work."

"I am learning so much about myself from Depth Hypnosis. I had no idea that my migraines had so much to tell me. For the first time, I feel like there is meaning to my experiences."

"My fiancé and I have been working with Isa [Gucciardi] for about 4 months. We are getting married next month, and I don't think we would be getting married if we had not gained the insight about the difficulties we were having in our relationship through our work with Isa. At first, I thought there was definitely something wrong with our relationship because of the trouble we were having, but then I realized that we were each bringing up issues for the other person to look at. With Isa's help, I am learning what the relationship has to show me about myself."

"I find Depth Hypnosis to be very challenging. Sometimes, it is a little too challenging, and there are days where I don't really want to go to my appointment. But I have to say, my marijuana addiction is a lot better than it was. At least I get why I am smoking and I feel like I have choices about smoking now. I didn't feel that way before."

"Wow, what a session. I feel dazed, but I feel like I am myself for the first time. Thanks a lot."

"Depth Hypnosis rocks."

"My partner worked with Isa [Gucciardi] for the last 6 months of her life. Even though the shamanic work she did with Isa did not save her body, I feel it did save her spirit. She died a beautiful death, and I think a lot of that had to do with the places the shamanic work opened to her."

"Before my husband died, Isa [Gucciardi] helped him set up an altar with things that were special to him and she taught him how to journey. I wish he had met her sooner, but the journeying really helped at the end. I could feel his inner teachers in the room and I am sure he did too."

"My surgery went so well. Thank you for your help in providing the tapes to help me prepare for it. I am sure they helped a lot."

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